Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Powerhouse Museum's Virtual Tour of Old Sydney

Move over NYC, we've got a new crown jewel in our bonnet – introducing Sydney, Australia on SepiaTown!

This summer we partnered with Seb Chan of Sydney's Powerhouse Museum  (Australia's largest museum) to do our first mass-upload of images from a contributing cultural institution. The results are really fantastic. The Powerhouse's 500 quality historic images of the Sydney metro area and NSW combined with the unique SepiaTown platform have created a massively populated, brand new virtual tour of Sydney at the turn of the 19th century.

We are especially proud to have The Powerhouse Museum be our first mass-uploader; with this approach, they're blazing a digital trail that we hope other institutions will be inspired to follow. For those unfamiliar with the Powerhouse Museum: They are one of the foremost world-class cultural institutions using the latest technology and progressive web-ethics to share their collection in increasingly open, interactive, and interesting ways. Among their accomplishments:

  • They were the first museum to geo-code a substantial piece of their photo-archive.
  • They presented on their website one of the earliest (if not the very earliest) Google Maps mashups of historical photographs.
  • And, in the last month, they have joined a tiny group of pioneering museums that have released their own API -- granting developers true open access to their collection, and ensuring some really neat stuff will be made with it in the coming months and years.

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