Sunday, March 7, 2010

Over 60 Images of The Cliff House and Environs on SepiaTown

The Cliff House Project and SepiaTown have teamed up to bring you over 60 images of Adolph Sutro’s magnificent creations and environs along San Francisco’s northwest coast, including: The Cliff House, Sutro Baths, Ocean Beach, and the landscaped vistas of Sutro Heights.

Below is a sampling of the images. Click on an image to go to its page on the site.

Tip: for road-less environs like these we recommend you check out the 'satellite' mode in the google map window. This will provide you with the best look at the exact position of the mapped vantage points.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Feature --Then/Now View!

It's been a great 2 weeks since we launched, and we've been amazed by the positive response to the SepiaTown in what we consider to be its most simple and raw form.
We've been very busy behind the scenes though, mixing up new features in our laboratory, and we are very excited to announce a new feature that many of you have been requesting:

"Then/Now" view on the image results page using Google Streetview.

We think this will make your time travel experience even more cool, by giving you a way to see the differences and similarities between the images in our collection and the way they currently look on location.

One note: You may find as you search the site, images of places that are so remote or rural that there is no Streetview yet, or a Streetview that seems inaccurate. Google, like SepiaTown, is always updating and evolving its information, and we're sure these areas will soon be viewable.

Click on an image below to go to page, then click on the then/now link in the options menu over the map.

Sample Pages...


San Francisco