Thursday, May 20, 2010

The UK Suffrage Movement on SepiaTown

204 years ago today (1806) John Stuart Mill, the great English liberal philosopher, radical MP, early critic of slavery, colonialism, and the inequality of woman, was born in the Pentonville section of London.

143 years ago Mill celebrated his 61st birthday by introducing an amendment to the Reform Act of 1867 that granted woman the full voting rights of men.  It was the first time such a proposal had ever been made in Parliament. The amendment was rejected by a vote of 196 to 73.  Mill's heroic act not only created an onslaught of criticism and satirizing, it cost him his seat in parliament three years later.

It would take 61 more years (1928), and acres of broken glass, till the woman of the UK won the full voting rights of men.

Some images on SepiaTown documenting that struggle
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  2. Anti Suffrage League, circa 1910

    Strabane men dressed as women in protest against women's suffrage.

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