Sunday, March 7, 2010

Over 60 Images of The Cliff House and Environs on SepiaTown

The Cliff House Project and SepiaTown have teamed up to bring you over 60 images of Adolph Sutro’s magnificent creations and environs along San Francisco’s northwest coast, including: The Cliff House, Sutro Baths, Ocean Beach, and the landscaped vistas of Sutro Heights.

Below is a sampling of the images. Click on an image to go to its page on the site.

Tip: for road-less environs like these we recommend you check out the 'satellite' mode in the google map window. This will provide you with the best look at the exact position of the mapped vantage points.



  1. Gary has organized a great array of Cliff House historical content - a true labor of love - BRAVO


  2. Is the cliff house still existing? I haven't searched through the internet yet, so I don't have an idea whether it's still there or not. But it's house is so amazing! Though it's near the cliff, it's still sturdy and it doesn't break or fall. We've once had a house that is near the cliff also. But because of calamities, we decided to move in to a new home. But I miss that home so much because so much memories have been made there. And I'll never forget our spiral staircase kits, because I was the one who installed them.