Saturday, February 20, 2010

And We're Off!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to SepiaTown, your ticket from here to then.

Grab a seat, pick a point on the planet, pop open a packet of pictures, and take a spin on our little time machine.

We hope you enjoy the ride, and we hope that you'll come back often to see new images as they're uploaded, to upload your own, and to experience our added features as we roll them out in the coming weeks.


Eric Lehnartz
Eric Warren
Jon Protas


  1. Congratulations, you guys! Well done all the way around.


  2. Great idea; nice execution

  3. I'm psyched to see the progression. Looking at it often! Congrats guys.
    Best, J

  4. Beautiful guys! Does one have a way of seeing what has been uploaded since the last time they visited? If not it would be a great feature....
    I'm loving the site though.

    Jared W.

  5. Hi I am in the process of uploading vintage postcard images to my blog about NYC. Feel free to borrow. When a I write a post about sepiatown (which I will) I will let you know. I think it's a great site. I have a lot of Central Park stuff that seems to be missing from your site.

    I found you through Manhattan User's Guide

  6. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the kind words and the offer; remember that you and anyone are more than welcome to upload these images as well. No permission needed; just refistration (free).



  7. This is an awesome site! great format and beautifully done. I'm going to upload some pics as soon as I have a chance.

  8. The real coup for us San Franciscans would be to get the SF Library's digital photo collection on here:

    It's ~40,000 images, many of which include street addresses or intersections. Unfortunately, they're not in a standardized format.

  9. Outstanding idea! Can't wait to see this really take off.